Enrique Benitez
Hello friend,

I craft beautiful web experiences and powerful apps.

Let me introduce myself a little bit.

I'm Enrique, a full stack developer who loves to build cool stuff in the Internet.

Consider myself as a digital maker, from open source tools to fully polished products, that's what I do and love 👨‍💻

I always aim for beautiful UX and pixel-perfect design in everything I do, and when I say everything I mean it.

My favorite tech combo usually includes React, NodeJS and Ruby on Rails.

On my free time, I enjoy learning new technologies, so I'm basically a polyglot programmer. Currently I'm learning Swift.

I also like to read, especially business or marketing related books, you can surf through my latests book reads and reviews 📚

If you'd like to learn more about me, send me a message, ask me anything or check what I'm doing now.